Clair de Lune by Debussy

History of the Composition

Claude Debussy was a French composer, born on August 22nd 1862, and living until March 25th, 1918. His music has a quality that evokes emotion, atmosphere and mood, typical of the Impressionist Period, of which he was a part. Just think of the beautiful paintings of the Impressionist painter Monet, and you will hear Debussy’s music!

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Personal Note

Clair de Lune means “Moonlight”, and the music exudes to me the picture of the shimmering moonlight on water, on a warm summer’s evening.

Clair de Lune is one of my favourites. From its first opening chords, the gorgeous melody transports me to a heavenly place. I enjoy playing Clair de Lune very much, and have often been requested to play it at different events.


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Photo By Atelier Nadar, Paris – Bibliothèque nationale de France.