Join Major Mambo for great Salsa music and cool cider in Vernon BC

Come out and join Major Mambo at BX Press Cidery for great cider, authentic hot tropical sounds in a natural atmosphere.

Live in the Orchard

While our indoor seating and new restaurant will not be open until the fall, we hope you will join us on our new orchard-side patio for cider and live music. These exclusive evening concerts feature live music from artists near and far and our own delicious cider.

While we will have small charcuterie boxes available for purchase, please note that there will NOT be food (or pizza) available so please plan to eat dinner before you attend.

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Major Mambo is Patricia Dalgleish (vocals/piano), Trevor Salloum ( Latin percussion/vocals), Maggie Ponzo Cotton (vocals/Latin percussion), Stephen Buck (bass), and Bob Rogers (vocals/trombone).

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Venue:  BX Press Cidery

Address:  4667 E Vernon Road, Vernon V1B 3H9

Aug. 25th

7:00 to 8:30pm

  • Venue:
  • BX Press Cidery
  • 4667 East Vernon Road
  • Vernon BC
  • V1B 3H9