Fantasie-Impromptu by Chopin

History of the Composition

Frédéric Chopin was born on March 1st, 1810 in Poland, and died on October 17th, 1849. He composed the Fantasie Impromptu in 1834.

More about the composition.

Personal Note

I first heard this piece in the late 80’s. I was downstairs, just about to go to bed, when I heard this amazing, enthralling piece being played on the radio upstairs. I immediately ran upstairs and asked my parents, “What is this piece?!” It was the Fantasie Impromptu. Well, it was love at first hearing! Wow! It is not only amazingly beautiful, but it is also brilliant, enormously engaging, and a challenge to play. I love it!

The middle section was used as a melody to a song called “I’m always Chasing Rainbows”. When I heard that tidbit of information, I really knew this was my favourite song! Ha. I call it my theme song, always chasing adventures and new horizons, always chasing rainbows.


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