Tricia posts videos of performances of some of her favourite pieces. Performed during the Covid-19 pandemic, these videos each come with a story about what makes the music so unique as a composition and special to the performer. Check this page for a new video each month.

  • Three Preludes by George Gershwin
    History of the Composition George Gershwin was born in Brooklyn NewYork on September 26th, 1898. He is one of the most significant and popular American composers of all time, having composed many songs as well as piano pieces. Gershwin died on…more info
  • The Flashy Solfeggietto by C.P.E. Bach
    Solfeggietto is a beautiful short piece composed by C.P.E. (Carl Philipp Emanuel) Bach in 1766. History of the Composition C.P.E. Bach was born on March 8th, 1714, and died on December 14th, 1788. He was the son of J.S. Bach. What…more info